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Why Axiom Methods?


Axiom Methods was founded 12 years ago.  Since then, our customers have enjoyed substantial cost savings:



"...Axiom's work has led to substantial cost savings related to our energy usage"       


" ...Axiom consistently exceeded expectations and provide the company with professional, timely and responsive service to complex assignments"


" I highly recommend Axiom based on the results they deliver and their business approach"

Breadth of Expertise


Our expertise spans the fields of Technology, Operations, Markets, Finance and Regulation.  The benefits to customers include: 


  1. We find opportunities that others do not.

  2. We can make successful  business cases to assist operational management sell internally both new opportunities and those that have historically failed to gain approval.

SitWhe TitleWhy Axiom MEthods?

Proven Track Record


Remember, we typically work with customers whose power costs are a significant component of their cost structure. 


We have delivered annual power savings at  facilities that exceed 30%.   


And yes, these can repeat year in, year out.


Holistic Approach


We look at the entire supply chain from regulation at State/Federal Level all the way through the meter to process activity.


This approach leaves no stone unturned in finding opprtunities.

We have no affiliations for selling any particular solution - indeed our methodology has evolved to the point we believe we have unrivalled experience in finding both opportunities and solutions.  

Experienced Advisors

We have substantial experience in managing businesses, including energy intensive ones.


Coupled with our Breadth of Expertise, this enables us to bridge disciplines, challenge the status quo, and facilitate the implementation of solutions.


We also understand we are dealing with customers who have a day job in addition to delivering cost reductions.        

Fast Results 

Initial Findings

Once we have established electronic access with the utility, we will start to identify easy, and quick to implement changes.


Working with site personnel, we will facilitate the implementation of the complex changes identified.

Incentivized to perform

We typically work on a fixed price plus incentive basis.  The Incentive payments are based on achieved savings and are structured to encourage early results.


Focus on low CAPEX


​​We know that capital is a precious commodity for our customers. 

Our approach is very simple - we establish a list of potential solutions and rank them by criteria including CAPEX, ease of implementation, benefits etc.


Interestingly, the majority of our customers have experienced substantial savings with little to no CAPEX    ​​

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