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We have looked at this before

We find most clients have conducted a variety of power cost reduction initiatives under a variety of guises.  Rarely have these initiatives exhausted all opportunities.   Why?  For a number of reasons, but typically the initiatives have lacked the necessary spread of Technical, Operational, Regulatory, Market and Financial expertise.

CAPEX is restricted

You are no different to most of our customers.  Our Energy Studies evaluate all options for power cost reduction from a savings, cost, and complexity perspective.  We discuss with management all options and typically find low to zero CAPEX solutions that can deliver substantial savings.  

We are served by a Cooperative

Cooperatives typically serve sparsely populated areas.  If you are looking at Axiom to help you, you are probably a significant customer of the Cooperative.  We have experience in helping both parties work together to find mutually beneficial solutions.

We are in a Regulated State, what purchasing options are available?

Probably more that you think.  Tariffs for large users can be complex and are typically coupled with Supply Agreements and Amendments that can be traced back to the start of the facility.   The utility may have a number of programs that could also be beneficial.  

Our facilities run 24/7 and our load is constant.

The inference is the belief there are no opportunities.  Our experience is there probably are.           

The best opportunity we have for making more money is increasing production.

Most industries go through cycles.  In good times the emphasis is finding ways of increasing output, at others, the market dictates the facility is running at less than capacity.  Our Energy Studies highlight options that may be beneficial at all points on the business cycle.  The long term relationships we have with our clients enables customers to adapt as the market changes.

We check the bills every month.

Most companies require utility bills to be approved before payment.  This approval is typically restricted to looking for gross anomalies.  Large utility bills can be very complex and utilities do make errors.  Our Energy Studies include Billing Audits to verify all aspects of bills including tracing all charges back to their source.    

We recently saved $XX through competitive tendering.

Many sites have achieved substantial savings from taking advantage of third party supply.  Similarly, many sites believe the task of finding power savings is therefore complete.  This is just one of many opportunities to be pursued.  

We have initiative fatigue.  We have no bandwidth left.

One of the benefits of partnering with Axiom is through our experience you will not be working with a partner who is learning on the job.  That means we quickly get to solutions without interrupting your other activities.   


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