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What we do


"Partner with large electricity consumers to substantially reduce usage and cost"


Why Electrical Savings?


  • If your electrical costs are significant, the opportunities Axiom Methods can find and facilitate will compare very favorably with other initiatives you are considering.


  • Changes made to the purchasing, control, or efficient use of electricity will repeat every year.

       It is like purchasing an annuity. 

Why Axiom Methods?


 Proven Track Record


 Fast Results


 Focus on Low CAPEX


 Holistic Approach


 Breadth of Experience


 Experienced Advisors






Contact Us


703 991 0100

Washington DC Office

42395 Ryan Road,

Suite 112-230,


Virginia, 20148






Our Customers


Large Energy Users including Public and Privately owned organizations

Government and Military Sites 

Financial Institutions who invest in energy related industries

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